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Church Planter Community Group

Church planting is way harder than you ever imagined it would be.  

Launching the church took so much energy and now that you have a church you wish you had help to grow it and invest in you.  That’s where we come in with the Church Planter Community Group.  This is a group designed to walk through an entire year with you creating community with other planters and fueling your vision with practical helps every month.  The best part is that it is priced at a level that a church planter can actually afford it.  So you don’t have to dream of something outside of your budget, but you can jump into something that will grow you, your church (and your church’s budget).  

What you get:

Commitment: Commit to one year (but cancel at any time)

Cost: $1 a month per total attendance on Palm Sunday


Dates: May 2023 - April 2024

Women in Ministry Community Group

Women in ministry carry a heavy burden and calling.  Unfortunately, there is a void of opportunities designed for women to connect around the uniques of the ministry life and be equipped to navigate it well.  Erin has a unique ability to connect with other women in ministry, encourage, and help them walk through life finding healthy rhythms and wholeness.

What you get:

Commitment: Commit to one year (but cancel at any time)

Cost: $25 per month.


Why Coaching Groups are right for you?

We could quote scripture after scripture to you about how impactful the right relationships can be in your life, but you have probably preached a sermon about it at some point and know it already.  But there is a difference between knowing something and experiencing it for yourself.  

Studies show that pastors do far too many things alone.  We want to fix that!

Coaching Groups are designed to get you in an online group with pastors from around the globe that are in a similar stage of ministry.  You will find over the weeks of conversations that you aren't that different and you will experience the comaraderie as you cheer each other on to accomplishing goals.

Coaching Groups are an effective way to: experience life-giving pastoral friendships, empowering conversations, and "relevant to your context" insight.

Our passion is to see every pastor healthy and every church thriving!

Coaching groups 

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