Personal coaching that meets you where you are, but doesn't leave you there.

Take you and your church to the next level.

Want a more personal approach to your coaching? 

1:1 Mentoring is a great fit for those who want to invest in having greater access in a coaching relationship.  This is a focused approach designed just for you and your church specifically.  

Private Coaching includes elements like:

1:1 Mentoring Options

Ministry Mentor

Signing up for a Ministry Mentor is getting a new best friend in the ministry - it's not about taking you through a program but about strengthening your leadership along the way.  Your mentor gets to know you and you get to know them.

Productive Pastor

Intentional coaching to help you.

 The Productive Pastor program is an intentional program designed to empower you to see growth in multiple areas of your life that positively affect your walk with Jesus, your marriage/family, and your church/ministry.  Have greater clarity on life and greater effectiveness in moving forward.