Pastors are our passion.

Pastors and churches want more than a book or conference to increase their leadership capacity and grow their church. Coaching.Church provides one on one and group coaching to incorporate leadership practices that will see them accomplish goals and move their church forward.

Healthy and Thriving

Our passion is to see every church leader healthy and every church thriving.  We believe that when Jesus founded the church He intended for it to impact the culture.  The local church mobilized brings God's hope to a hurting world.  At the helm of every church is a pastor.  Far too often, pastors are worn out, isolated, and insecure in their abilities.  Pastors are our passion and if we can see every pastor healthy, we believe we can see every church thrive.  

Coaching.Church was founded by Jason Doran.  Jason has a passion to see pastors healthy and their church's thriving.  He has pastored a small rural church in the middle of hunting country in Alabama, planted a church with ARC (Association of Related Churches) and CMN (Church Multiplication Network) in a coastal city in North Carolina, and is currently the Lead Pastor of Motion Church in Lexington, Kentucky that continues to grow and influence the bluegrass region.  His experience has given him a heart to see pastors of smaller congregations learn how to take steps towards greater impact, to see church planters get off the ground and have the insight to succeed, and to see growing churches navigate the challenges of overcoming growth barriers. 

At the heart of who we are is a passion for you to succeed.  We believe that with life-giving pastoral relationships, empowering questions, and practical insight for your church context you will be healthier than ever before and see fruitfulness in your ministry.

What makes Coaching.Church unique?

Life-giving Pastoral Friendships

Don't do ministry alone!  Life moves at the speed of our relationships and so does your ministry.  Having a network of pastors in your corner makes a tremendous difference.

We strive to help you develop the kind of pastoral friendships you have been looking for.

Empowering Conversations

A sermon is great - it can serve as a catalyst to move towards change.  A book is awesome - it can open up your eyes to new ideas.  An empowering conversation is priceless - it can bring accountability around your ideas and passion to help  you see it through.

Great content, the right questions, and accountability around follow-through will change the game for you.

"Relevant to Your Context" Insight 

Don't you hate learning something you can't apply!  "How to manage staff meetings" when you don't have any staff or "breaking 1000 people in attendance" when you have 200 people on Easter can be deflating.

Our goal is to provide "relevant to your context" insight and practices.  We provide what a leader in your church size, age, and culture needs to know to move forward.